Meet our Students.

Meet our Students.

In this post, JJ from Spain tells us about his experiences on our Academic School Programme.

Hi I’m JJ and I’m 17. I’m studying 6th year in Ireland in Waterpark school (Waterford). This is my second year here and this year I will be doing my Leaving Certificate. Ireland is such a good place to live either because of its culture, people and things to do. The school is fantastic because the we learn in a practical way, I never have learned more in all my live. The host families are the best they really take care about you and you have fun at the same time.

There is a big variety of sports to practice like rugby, Gaelic football, hockey, tennis, football, boxing, among others. Personally I do muay thai which is a type of martial arts originates in Thailand which is similar to kick boxing and is a sport that a totally recommend.

In conclusion if you wanna learn English and have fun at the same time the best place to go is Ireland!

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