Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Booking and Payment

Course should be booked at least 28 days before the start date. Junior, term and school year courses should be booked 3 to 9 months before the start date to ensure availability. Fees are payable in advance and no course may be started until payment provision has been approved. Fees may be paid by Transfer Mate or bank transfer to WELC account below:

IBAN No: IE25BOFI 90619592783355


Sort Code: 90-61-95

Account Number: 92783355

Account Name: Waterford English Language Centres Ltd

Bank Name:  Bank of Ireland

Address: 60 The Quay, Waterford, Ireland

Visa Students

For students requiring a visa, the total course fees must be paid in full in advance before a Letter of Enrolment can be issued. This Letter of Enrolment will be needed to apply for a visa. Early booking is recommended. For full details on visa requirements please visit here.

Attendance Policy

a) Students are expected to attend 100% of their lessons.
b) A minimum attendance of 85% is required to complete a course.
c) Students with an attendance rate of 60%-85% will receive a report but no certificate of completion.
d) Students with an overall attendance rate of 60% or less will not receive any certification. An attendance rate of 60% or below over may result in a learner being removed from a course. Course fees are non-refundable in such cases.

These changes are in addition to existing rules for visa/IR programmes students.


If a student cancels a course 4 weeks or more from the start date, a €250 deposit (Excluding Junior Academic Term and School Year applicants) will be retained from their course fees.

If a student cancels a course 4-0 weeks before the course begins, 50% of course fees will be retained.

No refunds will be made for courses cancelled after the due start date. Students are expected to attend all classes during the enrolment period. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. illness/bereavement) some fees may be refunded at the discretion of management.


All requests to postpone/change course dates must be made in writing at least 4 weeks or more before the course start date. A rearrangement fee may apply. Course dates may only be changed at the discretion of management.


The school is open all year except for two weeks at Christmas and on public holidays.

Public holidays are non-refundable. VISA Programme students must make up hours missed on public holidays by attending elective lessons (e.g. Talking Tuesdays conversation lessons).

Long-term students (on courses of longer than 16 weeks+) who want to take holidays should plan their holidays before they book their course. For long term students and IR programme studetns, holidays must be taken in line with school closure at Christmas. Holidays dates cannot be changed once the course has started. Holidays cannot be taken mid-week. Holiday provision is made at the discretion of the management.


The minimum age for enrolment on an Adult Course is 17. The minimum age for enrolment on our Academic Year Programme is 10. The minimum age for enrolment on our Summer School Programmes is 8.

Student Numbers

WELC undertakes to provide group classes only when there are sufficient student numbers to warrant it. Group classes have between 4 and 12 students for adults and 8 to 15 for Junior Summer Courses.

On GE 20 courses, the final five group hours (Practical English) may be converted to private classes if there are less than 4 students in the class.

Lesson hours will be converted into private lessons as follows.

Five one hour group lessons convert to;

One hour 1:1 lesson (one student one teacher) or

2.5 hours of 2:1 lessons (two students one teacher) or

4 hours of 3:1 lessons (three students one teacher)

Student Behaviour

If students’ behaviour or conduct is unsatisfactory, they will be subject to the school’s disciplinary procedures. A serious breach of conduct may result in expulsion. In the event of expulsion, fees are not refunded. Additional charges for flights and other costs will not be covered by the school and are the responsibility of the student or, in the case of underage students, their parents/guardian. All school stakeholders are expected to adhere to the WELC Code of Conduct.


For group courses of two weeks and longer, adult students are expected to buy the core text-book at market value. Text-books in good condition may be re-sold to the school and be then provided second-hand at a discount in subsequent courses. For some tailored courses (e.g. General + Exam English), more than one text-book may be necessary. Junior students are supplied with the necessary materials for their courses.


Students should arrange appropriate medical, travel and personal insurance.  EU Nationals should bring E111 Forms or an EHIC. For non-European students, we can help arrange medical insurance for students.

Dental care is not covered by EHIC card or any private medical insurance arranged by WELC.

Publicity Materials

Permission is given for the use of student comments or testimonials and photographs / images of students in the official promotional material for Waterford English Language Centres by the student or their parents or legal guardian with acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Legal Notice

Waterford English Language Centres reserves the right to change the details of its services, including courses, facilities and course dates where circumstances beyond the school’s / company’s control necessitate such changes or where the number of enrolments is not enough to operate a course viably. The right is also reserved to decline any person at any time without liability. WELC reserves the right to cancel any arrangements or bookings without prior notice if payment conditions are not met.

Waterford English Language Centres gives notice that all arrangements for transport, activities or for accommodation are made by Waterford English Language Centres as an agent upon the express condition that they shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of any defect in any vehicle or through the acts of default of any company or persons engaged in conveying the passenger, or in carrying out the arrangements of the programmes, or otherwise in connection therewith or of any family member. No responsibility is accepted for losses or additional expenses due to delays or changes in air, sea, rail, bus or other services, sickness, weather, war, quarantine, strikes or other liability.


Should a student wish to change family, we will do so after giving due consideration and in discussion with both student and family. Accommodation is offered subject to availability, and should be booked well in advance, especially at high season.

Accommodation fees are non-refundable.


When host family accommodation is booked, there is no extra cost for accompanied local transfers to Waterford Airport/Bus station/Train Station

For accompanied transfers to Dublin/Cork/Shannon to/from Waterford;

Groups – minimum 15 fee paying students – no extra charge Included in our course price

Groups (under 15 students) or individual students net supplements and please see table below:

Total cost of transfer   (one way) and must be pre booked

01    Student                              € 220                3 /4 Students                  € 280

02    Students                            € 240                5 /8 Students                  € 380

Return transfer = x 2

Quotations for tax 8+ available on request

€30 per hour fee will be added to transfer if flight is delayed more than 1 hour.

Data protection:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the current Data Protection Act regulates our use of your personal data. it is the responsibility of Waterford English Language Centres to ensure that the personal data we process in relation to you is done so in accordance with the required principles. Any data held shall be processed fairly and lawfully and in accordance with the rights of data subjects.

We will process data in line with our privacy notices in relation to students, families, employees and all stakeholders in the school.

You have several rights in relation to your data. More information about these rights is available in our Policies on Data Protection, Privacy and Communications which are included in the student handbook.  We commit to ensuring that your rights are upheld in accordance with the law and have appropriate mechanisms for dealing with such.

We may ask for your consent for processing certain types of personal data. In these circumstances, you will be fully informed as to the personal data we wish to process and the reason for the processing. You may choose to provide or withhold your consent. Once consent is provided, you are able to withdraw consent at any time.

By agreeing to this terms and conditions, you agree that WELC may process the data that you give to us for any lawful purpose. WELC recognises that you may withdraw this consent at any time in writing.